AI Photoshoot
With this node you can train AI to generate images with any subject from person to your product
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Key features
  • Train on anything
    Supports training on any subject: people, animals, products, illustrations, styles
  • Customizable training
    Set up training for anything using the necessary parameters: perfect for beginners and advanced users
  • Available to the subscribers
    All users with Premium and Plus subscriptions get access to AI training node
  • Custom models training
    Advanced feature for the experienced AI users: choose from 30+ Stable Diffusion checkpoints to train on
  • Presets of parameters
    Quick setup with the best settings for each use case
How to use the node
Click on each step to see the corresponded image as an example and tutorial to follow
How to use the trained model
Need inspiration for prompts?
Check out our prompt collection!
Which photos should you use for training on people?

Rule of Thumb: more photos = better results. But photos should be different from one another.

Requirements for photos of people
• all parts of the face should be visible
• good lighting and quality on the image
• different clothing
• different background
• different angles
• no far away shots
Parameters for training
Generally you would need only to type Unique name and select Category, but here are the detailed description of parameters

It should describe what is shown on your uploaded images. Later you will use what you write in this text field as a prompt in Stable Diffusion.
It has to be unique, something that Stable Diffusion doesn't know yet. It must contain two things:
1) unique name of person. Avoid simple names (use DariaWnd, not just Daria) and blank spaces (DariaWind, not Daria Wnd) for better results
2) subject type (man, woman, shoe, etc.)
For example, 'DariaWnd Woman', 'EkonikaBt Shoe'
Class Prompt

This prompt is used by AI to generate additional images. These additional images will make the training results better.
These prompts work great for training:
  • on people: 'a photo of woman, ultra detailed' or 'a photo of man, ultra detailed'
  • on animals: photo of cat, ultra detailed
  • on products/objects: photo of bag, ultra detailed
  • on style: artistic style (game style, illustration style, etc.)

We recommend to use around 1200-1500 steps. It will take longer (around 30 min), but you will get more similarities to original person.

Recommended values for training:
  • on people: 1500 for 10 photos
  • on objects: 1000 for 10 photos
  • on animals: 1200 for 10 photos
  • on style: 1000 for 25 images

Defines on which model the training will be done. Generally speaking, it's advised to use base model (plain Stable Diffusion 1.5), as changing this value may worsen the results.
However, if you feel confident in your AI experience, you can try choosing some style.
There are more than 30 models available, both photorealistic and stylized. If you want to dive deeper into this topic, we highly recommend checking out our article on training on custom checkpoints
Class Images

Defines how many images will be generated in addition to your loaded dataset. The images are generated using Class prompt.
Recommended values for training:
  • on people: 100
  • on objects: 0
  • on animals: 100
  • on style: 0
Training seed

  • Defines the starting point for training. You can try adjusting this value and use different seed every time, but it won't affect the training that much
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