With this node you can generate images of anything, it's the original Midjourney image creator
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Key features
  • Original Midjourney
    Generate images as you would in Discord, but in much more controllable environment
  • Better UI for generation
    Tweak any parameter you like and want in a comfortable UI
  • Easy image access
    Quickly download any image or use it in any other nodes like Remove Background, Upscale and others
  • All versions available
    Create images with any Midjourney version including new v6
How to use the node
Click on each step to see the corresponded image as an example and tutorial to follow
Need inspiration for prompts?
Check out our prompt collection!
Generally as a basic user you would only need to type prompt, negative prompt, set up resolution if needed. However, you might need to change other settings, so here are the descriptions of what each parameter does.
The generation starts from a particular noise. The same seed number will give you similar results each time, whereas by changing it to another number may dramatically influence the final output.

We recommend to use different seed numbers if you're experimenting, and as soon as you find the perfect result, lock the seed by clicking next to the lock icon.
Aspect ratio
A dropdown list of the most popular aspect ratios

The first number corresponds to width, the second one to height
The dropdown list of all Midjourney versions

V6 is the most recent one, it creates the images of the best quality and follows the prompt the best
The range: from 0 to 100

It influences how varied the initial image grids are. High --chaos values will produce more unusual and unexpected results and compositions. Lower --chaos values have more reliable, repeatable results.


The range: from 0 to 1000

Low stylization produce images that closely match the prompt but are less artistic.
High stylization create images that are very artistic but less connected to the prompt.

Style Raw

A checkbox

While turned on, it makes the AI follow the prompt more



While turned on, it creates seamless images, both on X and Y axis


The range: from 0 to 3000

The higher the number, the more weird, strange and offbeat result you will get. Experiment with this parameter you want unique and unexpected outcomes.


A dropdown which enables a version of Niji Midjourney

Niji is a unique stylized model, mainly used to produce artistic anime-like images

Style (Niji)

A dropdown of several Niji styles

Cute creates charming and adorable characters, props, and settings.
Expressive has a more sophisticated illustrated feeling.
Original uses the original Niji Model Version 5
Scenic makes beautiful backgrounds and cinematic character moments in the context of their fantastical surroundings.
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