How to create ingame content using AI

If you're creating a mobile game from the scratch and you need to fill it with the content, you can team up your creative powers with AI. Here's a simple pipeline to follow on the example of casual game about cooking.
  • 1

    Create concept in SD XL.

    Write your prompt "<a dish>, animation style, medium poly, 3d game asset, isometric view>". Choose DynaVision style. Now we have a base for our visuals, and we need to make more similar dishes liek this
  • 2
    Paint over the area

    Hover over the image, press Inpaint, paint over the area you want to change. Press 'SD + Mask'

  • 3

    Replace parts

    In the Inpainting 1.5 node choose LOFI style. Add the same prompt in the text, change only the dish name. Launch

  • 4

    Choose the result you like, hover over it and press Upscale Pro

  • 5
    Create description with ChatGPT
    Use this prompt for creating the dish description "Imagine you are a copywriter and you write description for ingame items. You need to compose text about dishes in the mobile cooking game. Descriptions should be under 500 symbols and tell players how unique and great this dish is. Make a description of <your dish>". If it created a text that is too long, ask it to make it more concise by saying 'Make it shorter'
  • 6
    Create a title

    As soon as you've got your description, ask ChatGPT to name it with the prompt: "Create 4 ideas of title for this dish"

  • 7

    All set and done! Now all you need is to add it to your game