Quick Start
Phygital+ is a node-based web tool for working with AI. It combines more than 50 models and tools in one workspace, so you wouldn't have to switch between different apps to create amazing AI art.
Log in to Phygital+
You can login using either email and password, or Gmail account.
Start generating
When you login for the first time you'll be introduced the onboarding, which you launch by pressing Start for free. You can quickly run through it or skip it.
In order to start generating, you would need to create a node. There are 3 ways of creating a node:

  1. From AI tools panel on the left. Click on any tool to create a node.
  2. On the workspace. Right click on the empty workspace and select a desired node in the dropdown menu
  3. From Models (Styles) panel on the left. Click on any style and click 'Generate with this model'
Each node has inputs and outputs. If you want to generate something, you would need to type your prompt. Prompt is a short sentence that tells AI what it should create. It can be lengthy (for such tools as Stable Diffusion 1.5), or pretty short for tools like MidJourney.

If you're a beginner, we advise you to start with Stable Diffusion or Midjourney.
Generation generally takes up to 1 minute. Great, now you have your image!
Use other nodes
You can hover over the generation to download it or perform quick actions with it. One of the most popular choices is Variations. It creates the variations of one image, making it easier to create iterations and you can faster get to the desired result
On the left panel you can find all the tools you might find useful in your generative AI journey.
They are divided into 8 categories: Training models, Generating images, Transforming images, Enhancing images, Creating prompts, Analysing images, Generating 3D models and Additional helpful tools.

In Templates you can find quick templates and workflows for the most common uses of AI.

In the Models page you can find custom Stable Diffusion models (or checkpoints). These are improved tools for creating images in better quality or in a specific style. If you click on the style, you will open a modal window with the advised settings, images examples and a button to quickly add the node with the selected style
Now you're set and can start exploring the endless possibilities of AI!